Lord Shreenathji

Nathdwara is situated on Delhi-Mumbai National Highway Number 8, just 45 km from Udaipur, 625 km from Delhi and 800 km from Mumbai. It is well connected through Rail, Bus and Air.

The Town Nathdwara is a religious and historic place. The late Goswami Tilkayat Shree Damodarji (Daouji) of Vaishnav community brought this holy swaroop of Shrinathji at Nathdwara in 1672 AD. The town was established after its dedication to lord Shrinathji. Lacks of people from all over the country, specially from Gujarat, Maharashtra and nearby places frequently pay visit to Shrinathji.

The great glorious and historical place "Haldighati" is also situated near Nathdwara. It is the place, where the great Maharana Pratap and his army fought the historic "Haldighati Battle" with army of Mughal Emperor Akbar.

Many other places of Historical interest are great castle of Kumbhal,
Machind (the birth place of Maharana Pratap's son Amar Singh), Old Palaces, Shri Charbujaji (Famous Vaishnav Mandir), Shri Roopji, Shri Dwarkadheesh Prabhu at Kankroli and the lord Shiva Temple "Shri Ekling Nathji" (the only master of Mewar) are situated nearby Nathdwara.

Distances from Nathdwara :

Eklingji 28 Km.
Udaipur 50 Km.
Kankroli (Navchowki, Dwarka Dhishji Temple) 25 Km.
Haldi Ghati (Hari Rayji ki Bethak) at Khamnor 25 Km.
Charbhuja Vishnu Temple 65 Km.
Gashiyar (Old Temple of Shreenathji) 50 Km.
Ranakpur 110 Km.
Chittorgarh 110 Km.
Mt. Abu via Haldighati 190 Km.

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